Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Remember a little while ago when I said there would be no more downer, no-baby talk?
I lied.
But I think I've been pretty good for a good little chunk of time.
Even Matthew says so... and he has to live with my talk of babies every single day!

Anyways, if one more stinkin person announces their pregnancies...
...not only do I want to physically harm that person, and their mother, and my mother (all of which have apparently had no trouble conceiving and birthing babies)...
...but also, I will just cry cry cry.
Well, possibly cry.

It really does seem like everyone seems to be having babies though.
What really is depressing is the pregnancies where the people weren't trying, aren't excited, are angry, aren't financially ready at all, or aren't married.
What gives? Seriously?
Part of me (a big big part) wants to go ahead and start the adoption process right now.
It's been long enough and we're old enough that we could get the paperwork all filed away.
But... with Matt entering the Marines and everything else, it just isn't good timing.
He did say that this month he'll be super disappointed for the first time though.
Before he would be happy if we conceived, but for the first time he is hopeful.
That doesn't really make it easier.

Lots of girls are also announcing their seconds of third pregnancies.
To quote Monica, "I don't even have one! How come she gets two?".
Yes, I would adore having twins! So would Matt!

I haven't decided if we'll announce the babies names once we conceive or begin the adoption process.
But, maybe you all will remember to look back here in that event!
Right now, our baby boy's name would be Jackson Matthew or Daniel Matthew.
Garrett is my number one choice, but Matt isn't sold on that one.
I also really like Dathan.
Right now, our baby girls' names will be Jade Lin and Kelsey Mei.
I want it to be Jade Lin Rose, but Matthew doesn't like the 4 name idea.
Madalyn Rose is my favorite name, but we both agree on the above.
I also love the names Korali (My great-great-grandma's name was Cora) and Hale.
Maybe if I get my wish for 5-6 kids I can use all of these names.
Of course, we may change out minds.
But... we've liked Jackson since 2004.
Yes, we talked about it the first year we were dating.
Jade Lin and Kelsey Mei have been the top female contenders for awhile now too. And... we want them to be twins.

So there ya have it.
I will probably announce the baby names either way, though.
That way, if others are preggers and take these names, then everyone will know from the get go that I chose these names first.
Also, that way you can get cutesy monogrammed gifts! Love those.

PS: I so called my little niece's name!
Jamie said it started with a W. I had 3 main guesses. It was one of them!
Hopefully we'll be able to visit our little niece when she's still a newborn.
Nothing better than napping with a newborn!

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