Monday, July 25, 2011


Back to ordinary life. Back to work each week day. Back to homework each week.


But, thankfully, I am rather enjoying my day to day life.

It's amazing how much better my outlook is with a much more enjoyable job.

Plus, praise from my supervisors always makes me feel more accomplished.

Someday I will load my pictures from vacation onto my computer.

Then I will post them on facebook.

Then maybe I'll put them on this blog.

Maybe this weekend, maybe.

But... vacation was a complete success!

It was a much needed break.

Unfortunately, the rest of the Iveson clan congregated in Michigan last weekend.

Sad Matthew and I couldn't join.

Hopefully we'll be able to move on over to TN sometime after Baby V is born and then travel up to MI around Christmas time as well.

I had a test to take this weekend.

I got a B. Disappointment.

But, I contested some of the questions and botta bing...

A! So happy for understanding professors.

So I am much more content with that class.

Hopefully I can continue my current streak of A's.

Just keep telling myself that I only have 1.5 classes to go.

Matthew is experiencing some disappointments in the U.S. Marines category.

It may be misunderstanding.

It might just be how the military operates.

He might just need to work harder.

Probably a combination of all of the above.

But I have no doubt in my mind that he WILL be a Marine...

... if that is where God has him.

Right now, I know he is supposed to be pursuing this.

Our paths may change in the next few months... but right now we're right where we need to be.

I was updating the Recruitment calendar today.

Fall will be busy busy busy!

We'll be gone every weekend and October we're double/triple/ quadruple booked sometimes!

I am actually super excited for the travel opportunities!

Lunch time almost over.

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