Saturday, July 16, 2011

Harry Potter::: Shamu::: Outlets

That is what I've been doing this week.

First, seeing the in-laws is always a good time.
We have eaten lots of good food.
We experienced PF Changs for the first time: Lynchburg needs one!
We've had lots of good "quality time"::: which is my love language.

We went to Sea World yesterday for most of the day.
We saw the Orca show, the dolphin show, and the seal/otter show.
We all agree that the shows aren't what they used to be.
The dolphin show was the worst: The dolphins didn't do many flips. They only went around the pool once to all jump at the same time. Mainly it was a bunch of people dancing and diving into the water and the dolphins weren't even there. There were these whales that looked like black beluga whales. They were pretty. I'm not a fan of dolphins in general, but the show was just sad.
The orca show: I love orca whales! They are so beautiful. I loved watching them. The baby Shamu was so adorable. But... apparently the trainers are swimming with them anymore. Which is very understandable. Don't want anymore misunderstandings and deaths. The whales did a great job but they didn't jump super high into the air. Remember when we were kids and the divers were stand on the orcas nose and the orca would jump all the way out of the water then dive and the diver dived as well? No more of that. But, the whales were still pretty and did good tricks. I mean, everyone goes to Sea World to see them anyways!
The Seal/Otter show was funny as usual.No complaints there... except I would've liked it to be longer!
We also went through and saw the Penguins (of course), an aquarium, the sea turtles, and the tidepools (where I actually held a starfish!).
That was a very good day.
At the end we were walking back to leave and my MIL, Matt, and I saw an orca in a pool.
We saw people down by the window under the water.
We thought it was one of those specials you paid extra for.
But we tried to go down too... we could! We got some nice pictures of the beautiful orca.
It was being so funny, just swimming around enjoying itself.

We had stopped by Gap yesterday. Gap is Matt and my favorite store and about the only place we can find pants/ jeans we like. We don't have one in Lynchburg.
I got two amazing/adorable dresses for work events. I love them.
I also found some navy pants, I had been wanting navy pants.
I also got an adorable belt.
Matt got two polos.
Everything except one dress was on sale.
Our total was almost as much as I expected to pay for one nice dress for work! Score!

Today we went to the Outlets.
We didn't shop the entire thing, but just hit the stores we were interested in.
We first went to Coach. I got a new wallet. It is tan and leather and not too big or too little. Perfection. I have a large coach wallet and a wristlet and a small wallet as well. This is the perfect medium size. I plan to use it everyday!
We then stopped by Banana Republic. My MIL bought me a lovely outfit there for my birthday next month. It is a beautiful eyelet white skirt and a navy blue blouse. They goes wonderfully together and will also be great to mix and match with other items. Matthew approved both of them.
We then went to J. Crew. I got two adorable skirts for work days when I'm in the office, one beautiful pink ruffle top/ blouse, and Matthew got a polo and four pairs of boxers. We have been going through our closets and we've both gotten rid of a lot of stuff. Matthew is now low on boxers and shirts. Basically half of his shirts we got rid of because they are too small (he's gotten very muscular, ow ow) or too worn (we only buy clothes we like... and proceed to keep them for a decade!). So this was much needed.

Upon arriving home... HARRY POTTER!
No, I wasn't able to go to the midnight premiere.
Since we're in California it would have been 3 am our time.
We were travel worn and exhausted.
So we waited until today since yesterday was SeaWorld.
It didn't matter.
It was still AMAZING!
Loved it. True to the book. Discovering the horcruxes wasn't as cheesy as I expected.
I think they should have left everything about Teddy Lupin out. They referenced it here and there... but not enough for people who didn't read the books to understand.
I think the scene where Harry receives the Resurrection Stone was the only scene that was too animated.
The rest of the special effects I thought were great.
I expected more of the Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione kissing scenes. But that's ok. It was "sweet".
I can't wait to watch it again! Soon. Probably next week. Maybe. If Matt will let me.
Yes, I cried.

P.S. It now holds the record for midnight gross.
If you didn't expect that, then you don't know anything about Harry Potter.
I honestly don't think either Breaking Dawn 1 or 2 will surpass it.
Not as large of an audience base.
It was 43.5 Million.
Over 100 Million between midnight and all day Friday.
That is incredible.
The previous record holder was Eclipse: 30 Million.
That's a big big difference.
Harry Potter fans, you make me proud! Am I extremely disappointed that I was not among those in attendance? Yes.
But I'll get over it.
After a day of traveling I don't think seeing it from 3-5 AM would have been the best choice. Sleep was better.
In the grand scheme for things.

Thank you J.K Rowling and Warner Bros.
You have now completed my childhood.
Next Stop: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!
Mischief Managed.

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