Thursday, July 14, 2011


First full day in California.
Got to sleep in (by EST standards) but it was still before 9 am!
Woot for time changes that don't really affect you!

Had a delicious burger from the grill last night.
Yeah, we were starving.
We bought the Delta food just because we were so stinking hungry!
So cheese and crackers it was!
Not that I'm complaining. I have a special relationship with cheese.
But the burgers were much much better!

It's certainly nice being with family.
Now that we live in a different state than all of our immediate family members, it's really nice when we're able to visit.
The in-laws have a beautiful house in a cute little town.
Pool and hot tub in the back.
Adorable doggie.

Speaking of the doggie.
I came in the door and immediately Cobie came over and greeted me!
You don't know this dog, she used to be terrified of people!
But she came right over, tail wagging, and let me pet her right away!
She even let Matthew pet her... but she needed to be on my MIL's lap.
She sure is becoming much more sociable.

This is a quick break from homework.
We're getting our eyes checked in about an hour.
New glasses hopefully also!
Then lunch at Chilis!
Chilis may sound a little chain-y... but we don't have one in Lynchburg.
It is amazing.
We love it.

Time to finish this assignment then hopefully we'll be set to go!

Oh, and I got a 100 on my research paper from my last class.
Professor said it was one of the best papers she had ever read.
And I just kinda BS-ed my way through it, honestly.
I always was a paper writer!

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