Monday, July 11, 2011

Almost Vacation

Almost time for vacation.
Also, almost time for bedtime.
I meant to sit in bed and read until I fell asleep.
Well, then I remembered a few things that needed doing before our vacation.
Plus, I haven't started packing.
I laid out some outfit possibilities though.
That counts, right?

Well, I should get to bed.
But I have training most of tomorrow.
We had training today as well.
It was actually pretty enjoyable.
And I finally got my "loaner" computer. Until my actual computer makes it to Liberty.

So, I kinda stunk up my test in my current class.
I was so focused on finishing the last class strongly I didn't have enough time to adequately study for this new class.
Not stressing.
First, if I get a B in the class... it's really not the end of the world. Really.
I like that I'm a little more laid back about the classes now that I have a job I enjoy.
Second, this is just test one.
I've gotten 100's on the other assignments so far.
I know I will be able to spend more time studying for the last three tests.
Not too worried about it.

I've gone back to reading Ivanhoe.
I took a break to read some light and fluffy books.
Not that Ivanhoe isn't, I suppose.
But I read some short novels (out of the Glenbrooke series) and HP 4.
Real quick reads, which I needed while I was bogged down with classwork.
Now, back to Ivanhoe.
Perfect timing for vacation.

I am super duper excited about vacation!
One week in sunny California.
Sleeping in.
Lounging by the pool all morning.
Seaworld, which only slightly freaks me out.
Good food, I'm sure.
Talking about the upcoming niece for us, grandbaby for them.
Reading reading reading.
Not working.
Possibly new glasses that will let me actually see.


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