Saturday, July 09, 2011

Take that 3rd to Last Master's Class!

Got home from taking my final exam for my 3rd to last Master's class.
"Got home" because literally every time I try to take an exam at home the internet has an issue.
Every. Time.
So I began driving across town to my office where there is reliable internet.
"3rd to last" because I am currently taking another class that will end in August, and then my last class will begin and be done in October!
"Take that" because... well, I got 100!
So that means eight A's and two more classes to go for a 4.0.

I am in a great mood.
I slept in.
I had a nap later in the day.
About to go meet some friends.
This has been an excellent Saturday.

Oh, and my new job is fabulous!
I love what I do.
My boss's are amazing.
My co-workers are amusing.
It's great.

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