Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Coffee... Die...

I really need to stop drinking coffee.
I had stopped for awhile there in the winter.
Well, really, I tried to stop drinking it when I stopped using birth control.
I want to be one of those all natural mothers with no coffee or caffeine during pregnancy or breastfeeding.
Well, I continued to drink coffee each time I found out we were not pregnant.
The past couple of months I've been refilling my mug almost every day.
The days I didn't, I just forgot is all.

Well, it's horrible!
If I don't get my coffee I feel like death.
If I do get my coffee, I still feel like death!
I'm like a walking zombie.

I just took a 1.5 hour nap.
My body is telling me to go back to bed and sleep until morning.
But I have stinking homework to finish.

So... here I sit finishing my papers due this week.
Hopefully I can get most of my reading done tonight also.
Then maybe, possibly take one of my tests tomorrow?
But I'll probably save it until Friday.

At least a few good things besides my tiredness.
After Friday... my class will be over!
Then I can focus on my other class all on it's own.
Also, there will not be any more overlapping classes at all!
I checked my grades and I am currently earning a 97% (maybe higher with the weight factored in) in my class.
An A is 94 or above. That is encouraging.
Today I felt much better about my new job.
It's a lot of creativity. I have a lot of freedom. Lots of room for growth.
I get to make alliances with companies for our school, how amazing is that?
And pretty much the skies the limit! I'm trying to figure out what we can do without spending money though.
Plus, I researched some trips for some possible venus we might be visiting... amazing!
This is a good fit. I just had jitters yesterday.
Tomorrow we have a meeting to finalize a project the other recruiters have been working on.
Should give me and even better idea of where to head with my new contacts.

We leave for California in ONE. WEEK!

Ok. I'm getting tired again.
I should begin to crank out this homework.

Finished paper number one. Working on paper number two right now.
I guess this week's assignments aren't going too bad.
Plus, my second wind kicked in.

Anyways, I'm also watching LOST while writing these papers.
Might not be the best idea, but come on... how can you pass up Josh Holloway?
So I'm watching through season 6.
It might. possibly. be. my. fave.
Jury's still out through (speaking of which... nah, don't want to get into the jury decision...).
Anyways, I like that they bring almost everyone back.
That's happy.
I like that Sawyer makes it to the end. Obviously.
I think Jack being the one (only not really the one) is a little cliche.
I think the flash sideways are genius.
... side note: I just noticed in the flash sideways where Sawyer and Charlotte get together, he has Watership Down on top of his dresser. That is excellent! it's all in the details...
So... Jin and Sun's reunion. And their death.
Two of the best scenes of the entire show.
And they didn't even originally have parts for them.
Great casting and writing choice. It wouldn't have been complete without them.

But... best LOST scene: Desmond and Penny's reunion.
Second best: Jin and Sun's reunion.
Best Sawyer scene: Kate and he are working for the others. They are chopping and hauling rocks. He looks at her. He grabs her and kisses her.

This is a great show.

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