Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Group work... stinks

I just finished an assignment for class. One less thing I have to worry about later.

But... I was reading through my group discussion board from last week. I completed my portion of the assignment and replied to a classmate like the assignment stated. The posts were longer than normal so I didn't feel the need to comment on all the classmates posts.

It was a little disheartening to see that the other classmates had commented on each other's posts (in other words, they each commented on each others so they wrote 3 replies instead of the assigned 1 reply), but no one had commented on my post.

Curious as to why no one was interested in my post (which I thought was well written), I read through their posts to each other.

Excellent. Our professor chose to divide the discussion boards into small groups as we can get to know each other better that way.

We have five people in our group.

The other four are all at least 40 as they are all going through the same "Life Cycle" right now, which is empty nesters. The first discussion board was about our personal life cycle. I, obviously, am not an empty nester. I won't even get started on how to be an empty nester you are required to first have children.

So here I am, stuck in this discussion group with a bunch of older women who probably think I'm too young to understand them.

I am a sensitive person, so I am sure I am reading into this... but not one of them could offer encouragement for the stage I currently am in? As they all have grown children, not one could share with me the joys of motherhood that is to come?

Yes, I debated emailing my professor asking to be placed in another group. If my grades are poor because of this then I will complain. It's not my fault they all wanted to commiserate that they were empty nesters and wanted their children back at home. I read their posts, I'm not making that up.

I know, it's silly. I shouldn't even be bothered by it. But I am. I just turned in my post for this week which is not personal at all. All academic. Maybe since mine was the first post I'll get some responses. I don't really care... but I do.

I know, I'm silly.

And I'll regret being up this late tomorrow.

But I'll be thankful this assignment is finished when I have to finish everything else tomorrow night.

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