Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Day One

Day One of the new job went well!
My computer wasn't ready, so I got a desktop for now.
I'll have to remember to save my documents or email them to myself each day, which I did't do today.
I wore a pretty blue J.Crew dress with a white belt around the waist.
Went to lunch with my new department. Very welcoming.
Had my first assignment. Well, couple of assignments.
I compiled information... and will be asking for more specifics tomorrow before I start contacting these companies.
Learned some more about my trips.
Found out two trips I'll be making for sure.
I'll be staying at the Grand Ole Oprey for a few days with my boss.
Be back home for one day.
Then head out to Baltimore for a few more days.
This will happen the end of September/ beginning of October.
Sounds like FUN!

Matt and I are getting Sweet Frog tonight to celebrate my first day.
I mean, you don't need anything to celebrate to have Sweet Frog... but any excuse will do!

I also need to work on some homework.
Well, I left my primary textbook at work, whoops.
So I'll finish my research paper and probably proof it.
Then I'll read my other textbooks and write my discussion board for class number 2.
Then maybe I'll begin my second paper as much as I can without my primary textbook.
Ugh, two tests this week. Major bummer.
But then I'm that much closer to being finished with this whole program.
End is in sight!

And... one week from tomorrow I'll be in California! Woot.

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