Monday, July 04, 2011


Thanks to the internet, my lack of style and decoration skills are heightened.
Thank you, blogging world for showing me how to dress, how to accessorize, and how to decorate a home.
Now... if only I could finance a new wardrobe, a new home, and new furniture!

Only, not really.
I really do enjoy my wardrobe. I may be boring with just pants, a top, and maybe a necklace... but it works, for me.
When we move we plan to buy some new furniture. As I won't be working then, I'll also plan to sand and repaint a lot of our pieces. Like new, right?
Hopefully before then we can find a new couch we like. That is one piece we have been needing.
I also would love a new dresser and pantry with doors.
Those are really the only items our current home could use.
When we move I plan to begin purchasing household items with a theme in mind.

I am watching LOST while trying to finish this section of my paper. Once I finish I will just need to write the personal reflection portion.
As the paper isn't due until Friday, that shouldn't be an issue.
I am watching season 6 of LOST. I've only seen this season once- right after I bought it. I didn't watch it live.
I think it is genius. Some people hated it.
I think the flash sideways are inventive and "make sense". As much as Lost-world makes sense.
If you know anything about J.J. Abrams you know he's into time travel etc.
I mean, really. Didn't you see this coming?
The relationships formed on the island are the most important of the characters entire lives.
This is why they are ever connected in each of their lifetimes.
That is beautiful.

Regardless, Josh Holloway. I am so glad I own 6 seasons of Josh Holloway goodness!

Ok. I have one more paragraph to write. One more. Enough dilly-dallying.
Then bath, then choosing the perfect outfit for day 1 of my new job. Either a dress or a skirt.
Either way, I'll be wearing killer heels.
Have to make a good first impression, ya know.

Ok. Get to work.

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