Monday, July 04, 2011


Happy Independence Day!!!

Besides the major benefits of living in America, Independence means to me:
*owning our cars and driving wherever we want
*making our money and being able to do with it what we want
*the ability to pray in public
*the ability to stay inside all day long... just because I want to
*being able to have as many or as few children as we want
*joining the armed service by choice
*writing on this blog
*listening to any kind of music I enjoy
*listening to any kind of music others enjoy via K92... seriously, people! Adele? Every 15 minutes?
*being able to watch FRIENDS as often as I want with DVDs
There are bunches more, but those are all things I have done today or do commonly on most other days.

It has been an extremely lazy day.
I thought about going to the poll while it was still sunny.
Then we had a thunder storm that literally shook the entire house!
I thought about meeting up with some friends for some celebration.
But my back of the head migraine prevented that.
I did work on my paper. Still working on it between everything else.
I did get all prettied up... just because.
I did make a delicious meal of steak, potatoes, and sprouts.
I am currently baking a cake.
We watched the episode where Monica makes all the Christmas candy...
I don't have any candy. Cake is the next best thing!
I plan to eat cake, watch HP 5, and work some more on my paper tonight.

Then, bubble bath and some pleasure reading to unwind.
Unwind from my long weekend... makes sense, right?
Then hopefully my headache will have ceased.
Good night's sleep.
New job in the morning!
This could not come soon enough!
8-5 weekdays... some travel.
Love. It.
I'm getting a Kindle for my birthday for the travel. Or maybe an iPad. I haven't decided which.
I'm leaning towards the Kindle though.
I have to pick an outfit for tomorrow. I know I'm wearing an "office skirt".
You know what I mean.
It'll be hot. Beware.

And... the end.

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