Sunday, August 07, 2011


Today I turned 24.
Now, I have been telling people I'm 24 for about a month now.
I transitioned to a new job and it was easier that way.
Plus, I'm the baby of the office. So any extra age helps.

I had kinda been dreaded 24, for various reasons.
Interesting since it's been my favorite number since... a long time. Maybe 4th grade? That sounds about right.
Funny story, in 4th grade we were talking about "lucky numbers".
Adam Koster said what his was (and of course, I can't remember it).
I wanted to impress the guys by having a lucky number and said mine was 24.
Yeah, I was REAL lame like that. At least I admit to it.
Well, up till high school whenever I could have a number for a sport I was number 24.
It served me well.
Then I just focused on cheerleading and tennis... no numbers there.
All that to say, 24 is what I say my favorite number is.
And I had been dreading turning 24.

But not that I'm here... it's not looking nearly so bad.
I'm actually eagerly anticipating my 24th year.

Today was good.
I woke up ready to go to church.
Then figured out that Matt and I both did not feel well.
It's been a work in progress all week, I think.
So we got ready slowly (meaning extra long shower to make us feel better)... and he brought me breakfast in... room.
He brought it to me in our bedroom, but I was already out of bed.
I got back in bed to eat it though. Yum.
We skipped morning church but we did attend evening church later when we were feeling a little better and more awake.
I spent the afternoon reading the last couple chapters for my weekly assignments.
Took my test. Aced it.

Went to Panera for dinner. My fave.
Went to church.
Home now and exhausted. Still not feeling as well as I could.
So I plan to take a bath, read, and go to bed early.

Matt and I had planned to celebrate my birthday tomorrow as he was scheduled to work today.
He called in sick, but we're still going out for a nice dinner tomorrow.
Complete with presents.

I do know, however, that he got me a lovely elephant teapot and salt and peppers shakers I drooled over at Pier 1!
Good husband. I found them with my friend, Rachel, and really wanted them.
They will be decorations on my downstairs bookshelf if I ever buy one. I'll probably just buy a cheap one and throw it away when we move.
Anyways, I love the elephants. They are pretty.

My parents sent me a package.
But I didn't get it yet.
We had discussed a Kindle.
That would be perfect as I begin traveling for my job this week.

My in-laws bought me a beautiful outfit from Banana Republic while we were out in California.
I love it. Thanks in-laws!

Also, today is my mom and dad's 40th wedding anniversary!
Yup, I was born on their anniversary.
I feel kinda bad because every year it was always about my birthday and not their anniversary.
Well, I moved away and all so they can now celebrate!
They decided just to drive wherever around Michigan and stop when they wanted to stop, etc. this weekend.
I guess that's fun.
I guess if you went around Lake Michigan that would be pretty.
Also, tomorrow is my Dad's birthday. He's going to be... 63? I think?
He was born in 1948... so 64. I was close. Well, he's 63 now so that must've been why I thought it.
Yup, the first week of August was always plenty busy for us with the birthdays and anniversaries!

It has been a good birthday. I have a wonderful husband and life has never been better.
God is good.

Good night.

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