Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday Off

Today I do not have to work.
While that means I have to work Saturday, this is the last Saturday on the phones! Woot.

I have had an obnoxious headache the past five days or so.
The kind that makes your stomach ache as well.
Yesterday someone made fish in the office.
Seeing as how I can't stand the smell of fish... can't stand it...
This did not go over well with my already upset stomach.
I walked over to my friend, Lauren's cube. We chatted for a bit.
Then I left the office for my lunch break.
By the time I got back miracle of miracles the smell was gone.
My stomach was still upset.

So I slept in today.
Head feeling only slightly better.
Lots of water and excedrin... although it's not a migraine.

I had a few things on my To Do list:
*get driving record for new job
*read at least 2 chapters from my textbooks
*print off articles for research paper
*read at least 2 articles for research paper
*eat delicious food
*wash sheets and towels
*buy pro active

Well, so far I ordered my driving record online.
I love the internet, sometimes.
I planned to drive down to the DMV, but I will pay for convenience instead.

I should turn on my own computer (I'm on Matt's now) and print my articles.
My hair is still drying. I think I'll go make up first and then maybe blow dry my hair.
Then I'll print the articles.

All the reading I wasn't planning to do until the evening time.

Matt's not back from the gym yet.
Once he showers I'll throw the items in the laundry.

We're heading to IHOP for lunch.
Now, IHOP is kinda disgusting... but so good!
We haven't eaten there in... probably a year!
I really do love breakfast foods.
Yes, we have all the stuff to make the food here... but that way we can maybe talk ourselves into some shopping while we're out.

Besides that, everyone is talking about how they're going to the midnight showing of HP.
Matt won't go. But I'm working on it.
We'll be in California.

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