Sunday, June 19, 2011

New Job!!!!!!!!

That's right. After many months of looking and many failed interviews...
I. Got. A. New. Job!!!!!!
My first day is July 5.
I am not officially a Liberty University Online Recruiter!

Now, before you get all in a tizzy about months away from home etc.
It's not like that at all.
At first I thought that's what it was too, so I didn't even consider it.
It's a lot more networking with some trips thrown in here and there.
A lot of it is local too.
As I enjoy travel of all kinds, this sounds PERFECT for me.

Here's a nice story.
My boss knew I would enjoy being off the phones.
He threw my name out there to a few other departments who were looking to hire.
Recruitment contacted me.
Interview 1- more like a chat session since I wasn't even sure I wanted the job.
Dara, the assistant director explained the job to me.
She likes me and passed along my name to the Director.
Second interview last Monday.
That went real great as well.
Thursday, I get an email requesting a meeting for Friday.
I think to myself, "A meeting this early? Could be either really good... or really bad."
Friday morning.
They offer me the job!
I accept right there and then!
Go tell my boss and he is thrilled for me!

And all of this without my even having applied for the job.
God is good.
If i haven't said it before, my prior boss is an amazing boss. I hope all the new hires appreciate him thoroughly!

So that is good news.
My friends and I had a yard sale yesterday.
I sold off some good stuff and finally took all the leftovers to Goodwill.
Some of it has been in Goodwill bags since Thanksgiving!
So that was fun. Plus I got three amazing candle holders for my new desk once I move (courtesy of Cheryl).
I also got some amazing tops that I didn't need, but they're so pretty! (courtesy of Danielle)
I also took back some of my original stuff to sell. I decided I liked it after all!
Today, I slept in and boy did I need it!
Matt had to work this morning so we're going to evening church.
I finished all my remaining homework for the week and turned it in.
I should probably work on some homework for next week.

Husband just got home.
Going grocery shopping.
Cleaning the house and doing the laundry.
Going to church.
The end.

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