Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Short Work Day!

We reached 60,000 online students for Liberty University Online!
Keep in mind that the college as a whole was founded in 1971.
The online school was developed and began in 1985.
That's incredible and amazing growth!
My office likes to celebrate accomplishments.
We had a two hour reception today where the chancellor and all our Directors etc. spoke.
Lunch was catered by a restaurant in town.
It was delish!
Then... Jerry Jr. got up and dismissed us...!
That is incredible!
You would think that makes sense after a celebration, but for my office that is a big deal.
Yes, I had the early shift so I didn't have that much longer to be at work either way, but it was still a nice break!
All those lucky later shifters who got to come in, have free lunch, and then go home and not have to work any of their shift...

So I came home... looked through a new catalog...
... and took a nap! I have been so exhausted this past week or so!

Then we ordered pizza and one of those cinnamon pie things from Papa John's.
Watched some FRIENDS since the internet was being stupid and Netflix was down.
I finished assignment one for the week and have one short paper to write by Sunday.
I should probably also start working on my research paper due at the end of the class.
It's only 15 pages though. While that may sound long, now that I'm used to 20 pagers the 5 less pages make a big difference!

Speaking of classes, I got a lower grade on my last test than I expected.
The tests are only 20 questions... over three different textbooks... 10 chapters in all.
The questions I got wrong were semantic issues. I hate those.
I thought one of my answers should have been correct though.
I copied and pasted the entire portion in an email to my professor and provided my reasoning for my answer.
She agreed and gave me the points... which raised my grade a whole letter!
Yes, that makes me happy.

I also have been suggested by my Director for two open positions!
Even if I am not offered those positions, it is nice to know that my Director thinks highly enough of me to mention me to other departments when he hears a job is available.
Also, I am not only working every 8th Saturday in my current department!
This is compared to every 3rd Saturday!
Four of us got emails explaining that our schedules would be changing to reflect this.
I'm not sure why we get more time between Saturdays, but I'm certainly not complaining!
So either way, the work front is good.
Our financial check in deadline for the last summer classes is this coming Monday.
We've been having some interesting student issues due to that approaching deadline.
Makes for very long work days.
But tomorrow I am assigned to emails all day so that will be a nice break.

Other than that, YARD SALE this Saturday!
Fort Hill area- Newberne Street.
It will be great! LOTS of junk!
Let's just say if all my stuff sells (which is around $1-2 each) I'll have several hundred dollars!
I can't believe all the stuff I'm selling. I was just going to give it to Goodwill, but I'll be able to make some money, even if not much sells.
Plus, I'll get to spend the day with my beautiful lady friends!
And tomorrow I'm having dinner after my shift with my beautiful lady friend, Kristin.

Yes, I may be tired, but life is looking pretty good!

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