Tuesday, June 07, 2011


We have been married for three years today. Right about now we were watching Mythbusters and I was falling asleep. Yup, I was pooped after all the wedding planning and the very long day of wedding. But... it was wonderful. The entire day was so amazing and so perfect for Matt and I. Even the parts that didn't go so perfectly. When everyone expected me to be a bridezilla when the string quartet was late... I was perfectly calm. I mean, I had all their songs on my iPod anyways. Back up plan! When we were warned of the tornado warning... no problem. Just met less mingling. In the end, I was Mrs. Matthew Iveson. I couldn't be happier.

Now, here we are three years later. It seems like so much longer than that. But yet, it doesn't seem that long ago since I graduated from college... or when our wedding was. But it seems like the friendships I've made and the life I have has always been. Funny how time acts like that.

No pictures tonight. I was just getting on the computer to check the due dates for my assignments this week. But pictures to come soon.

I had a beautiful dress all ready for our dinner. But.. I wanted Mi Patron. So it was casual. Like last year. Our first anniversary we were in Michigan for Jon and Andrea's wedding. I wore a red dress and we ate at the Blue Water Grill and saw UP. Nothing too fancy, smancy. For our second anniversary we got dressed up a little (like church clothes). As we were driving to the restaurant we were passing Quiznos... and that sounded good. So we picked some up, came home, watched Family Guy Star Wars. For our third anniversary, I wore jeans capris, a new white tank, and Matt's favorite heels. We went to Mi Patron, which was delicious and so worth it. We then went to Sweet Frog to pick up sweets for X-Men First Class. In case you don't know, I really like X-Men. No idea why. But they are probably my favorite comic series. Now, Batman is by far my favorite superhero (not just because of Christian Bale), but X-Men are set apart. I enjoy the story and the background. So when I saw that James McAvoy was cast for Charles Xavier I couldn't be happier. I also have a thing for him.It wasn't the best X-Men film, but the storyline was certainly worthwhile. Enjoyable.

Now we are home with the normal evening routine. I have to read at least one chapter from my textbook tonight. We plan to take an extending weekend trip sometime in August for our "anniversary trip". We'll see if we really feel like taking the time off. But it would be fun. But I like casual and low key.

No presents this year. Well, Matt is buying a rifle... but it's very expensive so we're setting aside a few hundred dollars each month for it. (a lot of hundreds of dollars actually. really, I'm just making him wait since we definitely do not need a rifle) I couldn't think of anything I really wanted or needed. Except more books... which I can buy any day... and I should really get a bookshelf to house my gifted books before buying new ones! But I have such a wonderful life and every comfort I need. Sure, I'd like a new couch... but we have to declaw the cats first. I've been putting that off.

We celebrate our marriage every day. Yes, the anniversary is nice to look back on our wedding day with fondness, but our marriage is such a blessing each and every moment. I have been so amazed at Matt's leadership in our family. When I don't want to go to church he makes me, and then I am thankful he did. When I don't want to go to work he offers to let me quit, but I'm too responsible for that (at least until my Master's is done). When I'm sad about pregnancy plans he lets me vent and understands my sadness. When I am sick of doing homework the offers to help... well, not really, but it's the thought that counts! He is such an amazing man and I am so blessed to have him in my life. God knew exactly what I needed and I never ever expected Matt Iveson.

Sidenote: he met me for lunch today. He brought me Panera. He also brought me a vase with a dozen red roses and six lilies! They are beautiful and now my desk smells lovely. He is so wonderful.

Sigh. Time to read my chapter so I can enjoy the last little bit of today with my man.

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