Sunday, June 05, 2011

Growing Pains

Not really. I don't think I'm growing anymore. Can you believe there was a time when I was taller than most of my friends? Including the boys? It's true! But then... well... I stopped growing and they all passed me. I don't think I've grown since elementary school. But I don't mind being short.

So no growing pains for me. But I do have the ever present headaches that have accompanied my entire life. Not pleasant. At all. I think I slept funny last night. I have a pain in the right side of my back, my neck keeps cracking very painfully, I still feel exhausted, and my head aches. I guess some more excedrin ought to do the trick. I don't have to work until noon tomorrow so the caffeine shouldn't bother me too much.

Matt and I went to evening church today. Our pastors have been doing a series through Revelation in the evenings. As Revelation has a lot of information it's been a fairly long series. Very interesting though. Making me want to read through the Left Behind Series again. I know that may not be accurate (I mean, it is fictional futuristic events), but I remember enjoying the stories at the time. Plus, there is a lot of interesting information about what the Bible says if you gloss over the emotional story. Some of the books gifted to me by my Grpa included a few of the books missing from the series. There is one more that I don't currently own, but it's one of the last ones. I probably won't read through them again for awhile (sometime after I stop working), but it's nice to have them available.

I looked through some pictures of some friends of ours who used to live on base for Marines in California. I wanted to get an idea of what housing might be like. We wanted to live on base for the first while to get connected and learn how the life works (sounds like college). But we may even decide to stay on base. Makes it easier in some ways. We'll see how I truly feel after we get settled. But the house I was looking at looked perfectly acceptable.

I really am anticipating this whole Marine life. Yes, the deployments etc will certainly not be fun. But Matthew will be happy with his work, his salary will allow me to stay at home with our family, and we will be able to have a ministry that is much needed.

And... done for the night. Folding laundry while Matt plays Call of Duty. Taking excedrin and making some tea. Reading Ivanhoe.

Ivanhoe is amazing. I forgot how much I love the story. I feel myself falling in love with Sir Wilfred all over again. I guess part of me ranks how much I enjoy a book by how much I "fall in love" with the male lead. No, not all books require me to fall in love with the characters, like To Kill a Mockingbird. But all good romances should make you truly fall in love with the lead.

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