Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Good Day

Today was a good day. Maybe later I'll get back on and post some pictures. But let's be honest, probably not.

Today I got in to work and moved offices right away. Semi-stressful, but so far I'm liking the big room! Amazing, I know. I saw an old friend (for like 5 seconds) and hope to be able to say a proper hello tomorrow. He just started in the office, but in another department. My Live Chat broke... for 2 hours! Yeah, it wasn't fun. Finally got it working. Even with that time, I got double digit registrations on chat... that never happens. It was a good day of work.

I also had an impromptu "interview" with the Associate Director of Recruitment. Not positive if this is something I'm interested in, but scheduled another interview. From what we discussed, this actually sounds interesting. She contacted me too... so that's another plus.

I smelled my flowers on my desk all day. Plus, being in the big office lots of people commented on them. Extending the anniversary!

I signed up for my last graduate class today! Such a great feeling! Thusfar, the 4.0 is in tact and going strong. I've received 100 on all grades in my current class. My last two classes are on marriage counseling. Cake. It'll definitely be nice to be done. I have to do homework today though. Just reading. Sigh.

I wore one of my favorite skirts today. I also got a random compliment on my legs. If you don't know me well, you don't know that I hate hate hate my legs. Right next to acne it's the bane of my physical appearance. But it's nice to get compliments from people I don't feel are trying to make me feel better about the situation.

I bought a coffee mug. It's pretty. It's a travel mug. And... I get free refills from $1 now. Score.

I'm gonna make grilled cheese for dinner. Maybe some tomato soup to go with it. I know it's blasted hot outside, but I'm inside. We definitely have the air conditioner on. It will be delicious.

I'm still thinking about X-Men. Maybe I'll watch X3 tonight. Love me some X-Men! I think I dreamed about X-Men too. Always a pleasure.

I realized we're going to be in California when Harry Potter comes out. I'm still trying to convince Matt to go to a midnight showing with me. Maybe?

I feel pretty content about the wait time for baby time. I know, when did that happen? I have been praying for a positive attitude and a better mindset... God delivers? That's not a question. But more of a fact that I am stating as an answer to a question. Hence the question mark, if that makes sense.

Speaking of pregnancy, my sister-in-law posted pictures of her belly for the first time today. It is so adorable! I have been meaning to send them something very specific for baby... but haven't gotten around to it. Matt told me I need to wait until the next pay day (which is tomorrow). Very excited to place this order! I really hope I can take at least a couple days off work when the baby comes to go see her! I also hope the name of "Baby V" lives on, even once they release her name. Being an aunt is such a privilege! Baby V will be niece number 3 and make me an Aunt for the 6th time. Matt just realized that he will be an uncle for the 6th time. He thought my nephews and nieces were being nice when they called him Uncle Matt. He LOVES being their uncle and knowing he really IS their uncle!

Time for dinner (a late dinner) and a movie. Then reading reading reading. Unwinding after work is such a nice treat!

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