Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hi Friends

One of my goals was to become more social.
I used to be a butterfly, kinda.
I knew everyone and everyone liked me well enough.
Yes, that meant some people didn't like me... but I didn't care all too much (only partially a lie).
Then I went to college.
And somehow became obnoxiously shy?
I had to psych myself up to go outside my room to meet new friends my freshman year?
I know, not like me at all. But that became the new normal.
So now that I'm grown and going to be a military wife... I thought I should learn to be social again.
Well, I've made more friends at work. Like, actual hang out outside of work friends.
One of them talked me into going out tonight.
We're calling it a "break" from homework... much like this.
Thankfully, I can crank out papers. So it's already half written.
And... my new job is a college recruiter.
Is there a better job to become more social? I think not.
At least not that I would possibly be interested in.

And... check this out:
That's kinda how I feel.
Yes, everyone knows I am all about having a baby.
Most everyone knows that we've been trying for awhile.
Most everyone is also getting tired of hearing about it.
But this is one of the fears. And it's also hard to hear that "God's in control".
Yes, I realize that. Thank you.
Wanting a baby does not mean I am losing my faith in God, but thanks for checking.
Sensitivity always wins.

...well, when it comes to babies or lack thereof.
It's just especially frustrating when I know several people who are currently pregnant or have had children in the past two years... who either are not married, didn't want to get pregnant, or are not responsible with their children now.
That is frustrating.
If God opens the door for us to adopt, great!
We welcome that opportunity.
But the waiting is the hard part.

In other news, writing a review of my group session for my class... uninteresting.
Having finished all the episodes of Army Wives on Netflix... stupid.
Re-watching Season 6 of LOST... great, but a re-watch all the same.
Speaking of re-watch: I watched Volcano yesterday.
I used to LOVE that movie. And Twister.

Lastly: When I placed my Victoria's Secret order I had a free pair of panties with my Angel Card.
So I got them. They were free.
They are amazing. I don't know which collection they are from, but I plan to buy more!
Thank you, VS, for making amazing intimates.
I justify my VS expenses by the fact that I still have and use my first pair of VS panties.
Good quality... which is important! Really!

Now on to finishing the paper.

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