Friday, June 24, 2011


So... we have re-discovered credit cards.
We only charge what we can pay. And we always have the money to pay it with debit if we wanted.
But this way we get points, what?
So my Sears card has been put to good use with our Cali tickets and my anniversary present.
I opened an Angel card a little bit ago... I made one purchase a few days ago.
I got an email today saying I spent enough to get a reward card!
Well, it was several items... but one purchase.
But that is amazing!

Anniversary present:
I couldn't find anything I wanted/needed.
Matt offered me a tennis bracelet, diamond earrings, a second wedding band, diamonds to circle my center stone.
None of which I needed at this point.
Well, previously when I was applying for jobs there was this computer bag I wanted.
It's not really a computer bag, but I'll use it for that. Along with lots of other stuff.
Well, it sold out in the color I wanted. And I didn't get the job.
Well, I got a job. I got a new computer... and the old bag was back in stock!
But my new computer is wider. Boo.
But... there's another bag that will work!
Bought it.
Including shipping: a whopping $32.
What was Matt's anniversary present? Some kind of rifle.
Much more expensive.
I win.
The bag was shipped today. I cannot wait to get it.
Perfect for day trips or carry on or just around town.
I'll use it for my computer, work, California.
Someday I'll use it for a baby bag.
Love. It.

Now, since Matt just bought a gun that cost more than $1000... it's good we have credit cards.
Yes, we can pay them all off.
But it will be better to wait until my paycheck comes in next Thursday.
Just to be safe.
Credit cards are great! But... be responsible!

And... done.

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