Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday afternoon

It's too hot outside.
But... we have a beautiful patio and I really like our chairs and table out there.
Sure, they don't take up all the space... at all.
But they are just so cute! Next house they might be used form indoor props.
Anyways, I'm debating going outside and reading.
But I'd need my sunglasses.

Yeah, that's not happening.
I don't want to get hot and sweaty and nasty.
We're going to church tonight so I don't want to get sticky before that.
So I suppose I'll just do the norm: snuggled in bed and read.

Today I did the dishes while I was cooking lunch.
We had grilled cheese sandwiches and brussel sprouts.
Yep, sprouts!
Matt decided they were his new fave veggie. So I found a recipe.
I kinda like them too!

Matt swept the house, emptied the kitty litter, and took out the garbage.
Our house is kinda clean now!
All I need is a new pantry so I can finally organize my books.
Sigh. I should just order one online.
After California. We have money now, but it's always best to wait on extra purchases until AFTER vacation.
Plus, I kinda want some new work clothes.

Because, BAM! Last week of NES!
Woot! No more phones!

I also finished my homework and turned it in. Such a big girl.
Matt and I watched our first episode of Dexter.
I'm not a fan. Nope.

I'm kinda bored right now.
Matt is napping.
I have done all my work for the week.
So here's an update.
Don't you just love hearing all about the details of my day?
I knew you would!

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