Tuesday, May 17, 2011

you won't want to read this

Last night I didn't mean to just post the title and nothing more. I was trying to post from my phone and it still won't let me type in the post box. Annoying. I probably just can't figure it out. One of the rare times I wish I had my Pearl back. But... touch screen is much easier overall. And... my mom is here with her Droid. I thought I didn't want a Droid... I may have changed my mind. But I'm stuck on Blackberries. I feel like it's "professional". Which is my current style. I don't know why. My office is super professional in appearance.

Well, this post was originally going to be a vent. I was really, really sad last night. I said I would keep the baby posting to a minimum. But let's face it. It's almost been a year since we're been trying. I'm discouraged. I keep waiting for certain others to announce they're pregnant because, hey why not? They haven't been married as long as we have, they aren't as prepared financially or emotionally as we are, they aren't married yet, or they aren't even trying yet. That seems to be the story for most everyone else we know. It is frustrating. I've been pretty upbeat up until this point. But it's really, really starting to wear on me. Really.

It would've been a lot more pointed and mopey last night, but I wanted to complete this post.

Now... to write another post about today.

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