Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I grew up knowing I was pretty spoiled. My friends thought I was spoiled. It was a great childhood.

My parents are here because I asked if they wanted to come visit me. That is so nice. It's definitely nice having them here. It seems so forced though because we only have tomorrow really. Sure, we had dinner tonight and we'll have breakfast on Thursday, but it still is such a short amount of time. It seems like we have to do everything and fit everything in and talk about everything (even though we talk on the phone a LOT).

So today they came over when I was done with work, we talked, pet the kittens, looked at facebook, and went through the books. Oh man! My Left Behind series is complete. Well, up to the Glorious Appearing. I don't care about the prequels at all. I somehow mysteriously was missing three of those books. Thanks to my Grandpa, those spots are now filled. Will I ever read those again? I feel like those might be good books while baby is napping someday. Easy reads and I remember enjoying them... but I was in high school... My Harry Potter collection is also complete! Again, books four and five somehow were missing. I know, I can't believe I never replaced them either. I have a feeling that a certain ex-brother-in-law of mine had both sets of books but probably got rid of them along the way. Oh well. Either way, my Grandpa had those books too! I also get to replace my paperback of book one with a hard cover. Much better. I'll keep the paperback though since hard cover hurts my thumbs. Yes, I hold my books like a child when I read them. My mom also brought a bunch of old antique books from my Grandpa's collection. They are beautiful, interesting, ones I've never read, and probably worth something! We're buying a new bookshelf tomorrow for them! Beautiful books like that deserve a place in the living room. I also get our old copies of the Peter Rabbit collection. Excellent. Love love love.

Now, the Oxford collection! Gifted from my Aunt Ruth and something that must stay in the family. It is beautiful! Owned my dad's grandparents. Given to his parents. Given to my Aunt Ruth. Now passed on to me. Maybe it was owned by our family even earlier than that! They are fabulous. Love love love. I am so excited to go through them! They are in two boxes now so I haven't sorted through them all, but it's the entire collection. I am beyond thrilled! Perfection!

Big Surprise. When my dad got the new iPad awhile ago I thought I may possibly receive his old one. Well, my mom really liked it so she got it. But... my dad just bought a new macbook pro. What does he ask on the drive home after dinner? I wouldn't be interested in a laptop, would I? WHAT! Perfect timing because my old laptop won't turn on anymore and I was thinking how nice it would be to have a portable computer for our California trip. I was planning on purchasing a netbook since I don't need an iPad by any means. I'll definitely take a free macbook pro, however! I don't know how large the screen is... but it's pretty big! My dad likes having space to arrange all his info. This seriously is such a blessing! I didn't want to buy a new laptop since my classes will be done in October so this is perfect timing! What a great dad!

I am beat. I slept horribly last night. Horribly.

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