Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I am very blessed with a wonderful, caring, understanding, patient husband. Some, many, are not so blessed. Sometimes I need to just complain. Sometimes I get my feelings hurt over super, stupid things because I'm overly sensitive. It's seriously a problem- maybe some kind of condition? But he is always patient and doesn't think I'm being stupid. He just lets me be sad and he is always on my side. I love him for that (among so many other things). It really is such a blessing to have him as my husband. When I think about other past male interests of mine... well, there are a lot of various paths our lives could have gone. But my Matthew is absolutely perfect for me. He is just kooky enough. He is caring and loving even when I am at my worst. He spoils me rotten, especially when I don't deserve it. He supports me always. He is always there to act as an outlet when I need to just whine, complain, cry, or fuss. If you know me, you know I do those things quite often behind closed doors (and sometimes out in broad daylight).

Things getting me through this moment:
*my amazing, caring husband
*peace that God always knows best... He has proven it time and again
*the fact that my parents are within 10 minutes by car of my house
*the idea of shopping tomorrow
*Sweet Frog tomorrow
*Day off work tomorrow AND Thursday
*The fact that my textbooks all came in for my class that began Monday
*The rainy, dreary weather we've been having (my favorite)
*The book of Robert Frost's poems on my nightstand
*The nightly devotion time- perfect ending of the day

*This blog. Another outlet. I allow myself to be pretty transparent here. I write for myself and if you're interested, then I don't mind you reading. I'm betting my life is pretty boring most of the time. Like I said, I'm whiny. But it helps. Like now, I feel so much better. Because those things listed... those are [mostly] superficial things. I am so so blessed.

Life is good. {life is great. life is wonderful}

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