Wednesday, May 18, 2011


One thing about my parents: They enjoy gifting things to others. When they come for a visit we expect fun shopping trips with lots of lovely new things. I tell my mom it isn't necessary, but it's literally FUN for her. She enjoys shopping in buying things for the people she loves. And sometimes even for people she doesn't love.
So today we went shopping.

A good story: We were walking around ROSS and I saw a pair of shorts I liked. I was sick of booty shorts and had planned to order some 3 inchers from J.Crew for this summer. I wanted white, khaki, and black. Maybe I'd get some bright color too just to mix it up. Well, these shorts I grabbed... J.Crew! They were also in my size! Perfection. What? There were more! Amazing! I got bright pink, black, navy, and khaki. I love white shorts so I may still buy those. How much were these J.Crew shorts? $8.99 each! Double amazing. Happiness.

Other good finds: a purple laptop bag for my new macbook pro, a collapsible bookshelf for the book collection my aunt sent me, these amazing black-lace-Guess heels, havaianas with a beautiful pattern- my old Brasilian pair are pretty worn down, a camo green scarf from J.Crew- something else I had been eyeing, and a beautiful gold purse just big enough for the essentials.

Yes, we bought clothes as well. I bought a pair of pants for Matt from J.Crew that I hope fit. The waist is one size larger than he typically wears... but it will be ok with a belt... right? I also have a pair on hold that I might go back and get tomorrow. We have the Clearance store here since the warehouse is in Lynchburg. No returns or exchanges. Normally not a big deal... but if the pants don't fit then we'll have to make due. I thought he already had that second pair of pants so I just put them on hold to check. It's a lovely grey-brown color. He needed new work pants.

My parents and I saw Water for Elephants tonight. Let me preface this by stating that I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It was well written, well researched, and emotional. Elephants certainly are lovable and yes, the harshness displayed to Rosie made me sad. Now, the movie was decent. I love Reese. She is one of my favorite actresses. She is beautiful, versatile, and sexy in a moderate way. She is lovely. As I'm not a fan of Twilight, I'm not a fan of "RPattz". I'm giving him a chance though. He has room to grow as an actor. He was in Harry Potter, afterall (wink)- so that gives him so brownie points. But the movie was decent. Well made, characters were well cast in my opinion, some of the changes were unnecessary and I feel like it stopped the flow of the story. Cutting Uncle Al out was probably a wise choice. Not explaining why August was the way he was didn't help his character any. Everyone probably just thought he was a mindless jerk. They never really explained what "Water for Elephants" means either. Sure, there's the one comment at the card game towards the beginning where all the gents laugh... but the title of the movie doesn't really make much sense if you don't know the irony. My dad thought it was referring to the whiskey, both for the elephant and the men. They didn't really explain Jake's legs when Camel got them. Which isn't really that important to the story, but it was interesting. Seems like that part of the story could have been taken out altogether. But then why would the roustabouts want to destroy the circus? So many ends to tie when making a book into a movie. Something's got to give. All around, it was an ok film. Go see it, it's good enough.

Last word for the night: my parents took me to PAW, a pet store down here. I like going to see the kittens and the puppies. Oh the kittens! There were two cages full of kittens! One had four orange tiger kittens all curled up together and sleeping. Adorable. There was a fifth kitten in this cage curled up on it's own on the lower level. It was calico with an orange striped head! The second cage had a more diverse litter with one brown tiger kitten, one all black kitten, two black and white kitten, and one grey striped kitten.They were all bunched together also. So adorable! I wanted them all! There were also baby bunnies. I've always wanted a bunny. My parents got me one when I was about 6 and it was a horrid rabbit! It was not fluffy, the fur was course, it was black with pink eyes, and it bit me all the time! We gave it away. There was one baby bunny that was a light tan color, almost white, and had darker brown around the edges of it's ears. It was the prettiest little bunny I've ever seen. If my cats wouldn't hurt it I would try to convince Matt to let me get it! Maybe if we have to get rid of our cats someday I will get a bunny. But by that time we will have children, so maybe I will be ok if we go petless. Hopefully I won't have to worry about it though.

It was an eventful day. I love having my parents here.

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