Sunday, May 15, 2011

Final 3

I have been overcome with laziness.
And exhaustion.
But not the good kind, don't get your hopes up.
But the housework I needed to get done... only partially done.
The shower needs a good scrubbing... and I'm just not feeling it.
Laundry will be finished and put away before bedtime though.
Dishes will be done.
I'll take the trash out since my husband has to work tonight.
I feel like that's about as good as it gets, really.
I should vacuum, but I'm not feeling that either.

My class ended on Friday.
I had all 100 or 99, except one 98.
My research paper grade hasn't posted yet (well, I haven't checked since Friday)... but the previous scores give me little to worry about.
Keeping the 4.o.
3 more classes to go.
It kills me that it's taken me so long to finish this Master's.
If I had my way it would've been done in two semesters.
But, it would be wasteful to pay for classes when Liberty will pay for one at a time for free.
Right? Right.

So 3 more classes to go.
Then some decisions.
Please, Lord, let an opening come through for October for Matthew!
That would make everything so much easier.
But... that's just me being lazy again.
Well, Matt would prefer to start in October as well, so it's also a win win win situation.

Ok. TIme to go make some dinner and switch all the laundry. Woot.
But that's what weekend are for!
We went to church this morning.
Ate lunch.
And then I napped.
Who wants to do housework on the weekend?
But who has time to do it any other time?

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