Friday, May 13, 2011

I don't like "Friday".
But I think of it every Friday, without fail.
But Glee doing Friday?
Love it!
I seriously don't know why I thought I would hate Glee.
There's singing, dancing, attractive people, sarcasm, cheerleading...

My class is over.
My participation in the graduation craziness is over.
I am going to stay holed up in my house all weekend.
Actually not, but basically.

I just remembered. BIG NEWS!!!!
Matt slaughtered his PFT!
He scored 287 out of 300.
He got 20 out of 20 required pull ups.
100 out of 100 required situps in 2 minutes.
3 mile run in 20.05 minutes.
Bad news: October OCS class is filled up. Boo.
We're praying some guys get disqualified or drop out for that date.
It would be so nice if he could start then.
If not, then I guess he'll start in January!

And... if he starts in January then I may decide to stay at Liberty longer than anticipated.
Lots up in the air right now.
So many decisions that we can't make for sure.
Messes up my requests for time off!
I guess I'll have to accept the possibility of working around Thanksgiving and Christmas since I won't be able to request time off and I may not be leaving.
All up in the air.

TIme to go watch something. I can't find the movie I wanted on Netflix for the Xbox.
So I'll have to search for something else.

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