Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'm feeling better. Requested prayer from family and friends. Read my Bible. Prayed myself. Took a bath. Read just for fun. Made for a much better mood.

I'm reading Catcher In The Rye. Haven't read it before. I know. Saving criticism for when I'm finished. Thusfar, I probably would've really enjoyed it in high school. I should have read it around the same time as Of Mice and Men. I thought the run-on sentence/ writing just how you talk thing was real genius back then (oh wait...).

I also read about two chapters out of my textbook yesterday at barnes and noble. Maybe I should do that more often. Far less distractions (except when my beautiful friend, Kristin, joined me!). I have just one more chapter to read in order to take my quiz before Sunday. Woot. I am so over homework. I used to love love school... until it became optional. Now that I'm in an extra program that isn't really required I just hate schoolwork. Wah.

I'm watching Family Guy on hulu. Yeah, I don't know. The Star Wars episodes hooked me, I think. Anyways, Stewie is going back in time etc. and he did Peanut Butter Jelly time! It a Banana costume. And then Brian comes in saying "Hey!". It was funny.

And... done.

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