Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Four... Roomate

That is what the post is about. I Am Number Four. The Roommate. I felt like being unproductive today so I didn't do any homework and just watched Redbox movies. I probably should've checked Netflix first, but these were only $1.50.

Anyways, this will be short and sweet because I got some new killer heels and the hubband told me to be wearing them when he got home. That gives me... not long. TMI? My magazine said that public displays of affection were good for the relationship. I'm not gonna lie, we're pretty hott. Yup.

Anyways, I Am Number Four. I like Dianna Agron. That was the point of watching that movie. It was alright, in a high school kind of way. I actually liked it better than I expected. It reminds me of X-Men, which comes out next weekend! I really like X-Men in case you didn't know. I want to have a pet Beast (of I guess he would actually be my friend), I wouldn't mind being rescued by Archangel, and Wolverine is just... you know. Anyways, I Am Number Four was alright. Not great. I wouldn't necessarily recommend it. For $.50 it was fine though. It kinda ended suddenly. Maybe they left it open ended for a reason. I didn't expect it to just be done. But I guess it made it's point.

The Roommate. I have never seen an episode of Gossip Girl. I think Leighton Meester is gorgeous, but I had never heard her talk. I also am a fan of Minka Kelly. My husband works on a mental health floor in the hospital so we're familiar with psychological disorders. We liked those kinds of movies. Well, this one was... poor. Not as horrible as I expected, but definitely not worth watching again ever. It is interesting though. I'm glad I didn't go roulette with my roommates. Well, I guess it's a little different at Liberty. I won't go into my roommate situations, but it would've been much more difficult at a secular school. Maybe not. Liberty has just as many "interesting" students. Cam G is certainly lovely. Hey, just because I'm not a Twilight fan doesn't mean I can't like certain parts. I also am a fan of Ashley Greene, for instance. (and... as I was writing "Twilight fan" I was thinking "more like Twi-stupid"... Yes, I am an adult)

Ok, time to go freshen up and try to look appealing. If you know me, at this time of night after I've had a full day... that isn't likely to happen! My makeup is smeared all over my face because I rub my eyes after dark and don't care what I look like. At least he's my husband. He loves me. Through and through. And if you like raccoons, the Joker, or panda bears... then maybe I would've been a good fit for you. But there's only one good fit for me (dirty).

I certainly hope my in-laws don't read this. That would be embarrassing! *wink*

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