Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I work with some really amusing people. I've written about the Live Chat team. One of the reasons I love being on the Chat team is because of the funny one-liners we send each other throughout the day. Makes life much more interesting. No examples right now. All the good ones I can think of involve a story and an explanation about the person. As our department is pretty close relationally, we know each other fairly well. No, if you asked me 20 questions about some of the people in my department I wouldn't be able to answer details. But personality wise we all get along well.

Anyways, we're pretty sarcastic with each other. That makes a good friendship.

I have a test due this week over two books (each around 300 pages). One book is an observational article on two boys living in Chicago's projects. One book is a textbook so it's packed with information. Most of the information overlaps with other classes I've taken. Still, there are six questions on the test. I choose four to answer. It is essay. There are 25 points for each question. So it really depends on how the professor grades. Plus, four questions over that much material. Woo.

I'm studying for it now. I plan to take it tomorrow after work. I have 90 minutes to take it. I don't know how t hat works since it's essay. But hopefully it doesn't stress me out.

I'm also making four batches of funfetti cupcakes! We're celebrating a co-workers bday tomorrow. I am making cupcakes. I am keeping some for myself though. I love me some funfetti!

I suppose I should go back to studying. I get to work on Emails all day tomorrow at work. That is happiness!

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