Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Future Nursery Brainstorm

I think about our future baby a lot. A lot a lot.
Ask Matthew and my Mom. A lot.
I have been brainstorming about future nursery ideas.

I always wanted a baby animals theme. But then, baby animal themes grew in popularity.
They were always popular, but not it's obnoxious.

So scratch that idea.

I have thought up adorable, original baby nursery ideas!
I mean, it's a nursery, so how original can it get?
But I am not going to buy collection linens with matching mobile and everything else.
I am going to make my own mobile, wall decor.
Have plain bedding.
It will be fabulous though!

I have the most adorable idea for both male and female nurseries.
So much for picking something gender neutral!
No, I will not be sharing.
It will be amazing though, I promise you that!

I'll probably still get the baby animals bouncer and high chair I've been drooling over.
Or whatever variation is available whenever little miss or mister decides to arrive.
Baby animals are just too cute not to incorporate.

Oh goodness, I kinda want to start making stuff now so I can have both boy and girl items available!
I can't believe that after I find out I'm preggers or adopting I'll have to wait that much longer to begin decorating!

Umm. remember when I said I was done with baby talk on here?
This is it. Promise.
I just thought up these ideas yesterday though and it make me verrrrrrry excited!

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