Monday, April 11, 2011

Etsy Love

Remember awhile ago I said I discovered Etsy? I didn't get what all the fuss was about before then. That was months ago and I still didn't buy anything. I don't like spending money, really. I mean, I do. Of course. But I like saving our money for the future too. Yes, I'm one of those. Yes, I worry about the value of the dollar becoming obsolete and then all of our lovely savings will be diddly squat! Sigh. Not a big enough deal to seriously worry about... yet.

Anyways, one of my good friends here in Lynchburg just began stamping necklaces! Double woot! I ordered two necklaces for her based on pictures I had seen on Etsy. The other one I wanted she didn't have the same disc to make it.

So I ordered it! I also ordered a fourth necklace from the same seller. Pictures to come once I receive them, but they are all Marine Corps based. Yes, I am already SO proud of my husband. I have been itching to buy some Marine Corps goodies but have resisted in case something changes in the next half year.

Well, we are having faith. God has led us this far and we're positive this is the direction we're supposed to be heading! Maybe that will change and this was a bunny trail, and that's ok. But I don't foresee that happening. So, Marine wife necklaces here I come!

The ones I ordered have already shipped! I am so excited. The other two will be ready as fast as Christie can make them! Double excited. I have been wanting some new jewelry. I don't like a lot of the stuff I have... so this is the perfect way to update my collection!

PS: My friend, Danielle, is having a yard sale sometime soon (as in... the next couple months, not sure when yet). I will be selling some older clothes I am no longer interested in, some designer handbags (no guarantee they are real, but also no one can tell the difference if they're not! they were gifts), several DVDs, any some books. Now, what you have to understand if that if I am selling it, then that means I am no longer interested in it. So maybe you won't be either. On the other hand, one girls junk another girl's treasure!

Today was a good day. I have a horrible headache even, but today was a good day. I'm going to finish the night with some homework while I wait for Matthew to get home.

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