Saturday, April 16, 2011

...If I must...

Oh I suppose I'll go shopping. If I must!

First, my lovely friend Christie now creates hand-stamped jewelry. You may see her work here.
Her newest creation, the picture of the "usmc wife" necklace is mine.
I have proudly worn it the past two days. I probably will for many more days as well!
I ordered one more from her and have two others coming in the mail from Etsy.
Cute, fashionable Marine Wife jewelry?
Yes please!

I also met my beautiful friend, Kristin, for coffee at Barnes and Noble.
Of course, I had to do some browsing.
Bought: A Tale of Two Cities, Catch-22, The Catcher in the Rye, and a book of Robert Frost's poems.
Love love love.
Never completely read any of the above, but have read excepts from them all.
Yes, I missed out in high school.
So time to play catch up.
New books are good for the heart and soul.

Between shopping, I have read eight articles out of twenty for my research paper.
I am taking a break to eat something and watch special features of HP7 P1.
Then I plan to tackle the other four articles I already have printed out.
The paper isn't due until the first weekend in May.
I'll be at the beach with my wonderful girlfriends at that time.
Getting it done early is the name of game.
The name of the game is "bleh".

Last: My husband is amazing.
He sent me a text yesterday while I was at work.
"You'll have a magical surprise waiting for you when you get home".
I forgot, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 came out on Blu-ray yesterday.
He didn't forget.
He bought it for me, with all the special features!
I love special features more than the actual motion picture most of the time!
We watched it last night and tonight I will enjoy the best part!
Well, some of it. I shouldn't watch all of the special features.
We'll see.
Either way, my husband is amazing.

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