Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ah Sunday

I may love Sunday more than Friday or Saturday. Shocker, I know.
See, I generally always have to work Fridays.
Saturdays I have to work every third one.
Hopefully now that we hired some more reps we can work every fourth Saturday again.
Sundays are always always off of work. Which is lovely.

We went to Church this morning to start off the day right.
Parable of the Tenants: Palm Sunday.
Never really put those stories together like that.
My pastor also said that Rob Bell is a heretic.
Straightforward truth. That is why I attend our church.
Some people say that even if you don't agree with him, at least he's putting out good thoughts.
What good are those thoughts if he's leading people astray?
I think he's searching. Yes, we all should be searching.
But he isn't sure about what he believes. Is that really who you want to be your senior pastor?
Love cannot win without justice.
Another line from my pastor today.
Where would we be without God's mercy and grace?
If we reject his free gift of mercy and grace, then we suffer the consequences.
Our choices matter. It's simple.
Maybe we'll discuss this more another time.

Anyways, the Parable of the Tenants.
The Pharisees sure didn't like what Jesus had to say.
But it's true. Time and time again the world has rejected the servants The Lord has sent.
And then his Son was killed so humanity could reap the inheritance.
But justice is coming.

Next week is Easter Sunday. I love Easter.
Where would we be without Easter?
Without a gracious, loving God.
Without the gift of Jesus Christ?
Without the empty tomb?

After church we ate lunch. Watched an episode of Friends. Napped.
I woke up from my nap a couple times.
I was still tired.
So I napped longer.
It's a day of rest, right?

I saved some of my articles from last night for today since i don't have any more printed out and since my printer hates me.
So I'll finish those tonight.
I'll watch more special HP features tonight.
I'll exercise and gets my abs ready for Ladies Beach Weekend with my lovely friends.
I'll do the dishes, do the laundry, and actually put it all away tonight!
This is how much I hate putting the laundry away: I do laundry every weekend.
The past two weekends' worth is still in the baskets on our bedroom floor.
Some of it is folded, some of it is not.
We just take what we need when we need it.
Well, I put it all in piles of where it belongs: closet, dresser, office closet, etc.
When today's laundry is done I WILL put it away before I go to bed.

Both of my cats are sitting on the desk chair with me.
Maxie is laying across the top.
Emily is snuggled behind me.
I just love having cats.
Low maintenance, non-smelly, snuggly.

Happy Passion Week.

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