Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No Pictures... But Yes Movies

Last night we went to see Scream 4.
We like "scary" movies. Including the silly ones.
If you go into a movie like Scream 4 expecting it to be somewhat cheesy, then it won't be so bad.
It's not going to be a top blockbuster like, oh say, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2...
... but it will be entertaining. At least it was for us.
Both of us enjoyed it.
I didn't think the newbies acting was too terrible.
I think the oldies represented their characters true.
The marital strife between Gale and Dewey was perfect. Much better than any awkwardness that could have been.
Or maybe the movie was predictive if it was filmed before their split, but I don't think it was.
There were a few good one liners in there.
Something about crazy being the new sane.
Something about sequels... never mess with the original.
We also liked that Scream knows it's audience. It makes fun of itself.

That's movie number 1.

Did I ever write about The Voyage of the Dawn Treader?
I just watched it for the second time.
I watched it for the first time recently, after we bought it.
I was too scared to see if it theaters.
See, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is one of my my favorite books.
Not of the Narnia series, but of all books ever.
It is a great adventure story and the entire transformation of Eustace is literary genius.
So I wasn't sure how Fox would take the story.
It was ok. Not the best, but if I take it as a film and separate from the movie, it was ok.
Not horrible, definitely watchable.
I'm real glad that Ben Barnes didn't do his Inigo Montoya accent. Telmarines are supposed to have British accents. Caspian is supposed to have blonde hair actually.
I like that William Moseley and Anna Popplewell got their screen time.
Yes, that's not exactly accurate, but it's fitting.
The Dawn Treader looked horrible, but I suppose it does appeal to the younger audience.
Reepicheep is still one of my favorite Narnians.
Most people love Puddleglum too, he's one of Matt's favorites. I don't care for him. I guess we'll see how they portray him in the next one.
All in all, not horrible. Not great, but not horrible.

When I think about movies and what's coming out this year and what has come out in recent years... I just can't compare them to my expectations for HP 7 Part 2.
A friend at work said that they can only end HP once. They hopefully went all out.
Trailers look amazing. Gringotts, Room of Requirement, battles, deaths... all look just like I imagined it.
I know there will be some changes, but that's alright.
I think it's a bit silly that they introduced Lavender Brown in HP 6 and the Bill Weasley in HP 7.
I mean, I suppose it makes sense for them to keep up with the story lines... but still.
Either way, it should be epic.
I don't like the overuse of the word epic, but if anything is... HP 7 Part 2 should be.
Let's hope they don't disappoint.
Oh, the one thing I've seen about it that could be disastrous... the epilogue.
Umm... silly.
But that's ok.

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