Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Monday

It is Easter Monday. I have the day off as a holiday. It is lovely.

Easter is my favorite "holy day". Not only does it represent the rise of our Lord and Savior (without whom life would be... literal nothingness), but it is beautiful.

Spring is here in VA. Sorry for those in MI who had a lovely snowfall last week.

Yesterday we missed church because both Matt and I were sick. I think it's a mixture of spring allergies, something bad we ate, and our exercise routine. Today, our stomachs are feeling slightly better, our heads are still swimmy, and I'm feeling exhausted. He's napping now and I may join him shortly. I slept for around 10.5 hours last night. Yup.

So we had our own little private church service. Sometimes those are the best.

Something I noticed the other day in my devos, Solomon asked for wisdom. We all know that. It just proves how wise a man he was. But... at the end of 1 Chronicles, David is preparing to hand his throne to Solomon. He is making preparations for the temple and for the kingdom in general. He ask God to give his son more wisdom than he himself had. Is that why Solomon was so wise? Did his father, the man after God's own heart, prepare the way? Either way, they were both great men. Just something I never noticed before.

Be blessed in the resurrection of our Lord and King.

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