Friday, April 29, 2011

Research Paper... death

Those sentiments always seem to go together.
I was considering going into a Post graduate degree when I finished my Master's.
That would be 12 more research papers.
Nope. Not happening.
I'll be content to add to my library and learn the good old fashioned way.
I may change my mind, however.

So I have this 20 page paper due next Friday.
I leave for the beach Thursday.
I have my entire outline completed with all my quotes (some of which will just become citations and some will disappear entirely).
That is 17 pages of outline.
I just have to create the fillers. Which actually can be time consuming.
But I have tomorrow and Sunday to try to get most of it done.
Hopefully I can get it all done.
I don't want to have to worry about it next week.

I got someone else's order at Sheetz today.
It was almost the same, but not quite.
So I am hungry now.
It is past 11 and I think I'm going to make Macaroni and Cheese.

I really like Dianna Agron.
I think she is just lovely.

Oh, and I did watch the royal wedding.
I watched it after work, so around 6:30.
I think it was just as good as waking up early.
It was pretty.
I wouldn't have wanted that for my wedding though.
The problem with a wedding like that is you have to keep it simple.
Elegant, but simple.
But hey, Kate has the rest of her life to not be simple.
At all.
I wonder if Windsor Castle will be hers someday.
It is the home of the Queen.

My laptop is officially dead. I may have lost some music and some pictures.
I don't remember. So it doesn't really matter.
But it's dead. What do you do with a dead computer?
I kinda want a Macbook Air.
But that means I would need to let Matthew get a gun.
And we both want a larger screen TV.

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