Thursday, April 28, 2011

Procrastination... Again

I should be writing my Abstract. That is the last part of my paper due tomorrow.
But here I sit.
I am wearing a Neutrogena mask also.
My face decided to have a nervous breakout. Not pleasant.
Plus I'm going to the beach next weekend. Blah.
I hate adult acne.
I'm beginning to think I'll be plagued with it for life.

Anyways, I was looking around at some other blogs I follow.
I know interesting people.
Sometimes I wish I were more interesting.
But I'm pretty satisfied with my life.

Isn't it funny how we refer to people we know as "friend"?
There are so many people I know, but I wouldn't say they're my friends. But when I talk about them to others it's just easier to say "I have a friend who...".
There are only two exceptions to this. Two people who I say "I know a person who..." every single time.
Can anyone guess who those two people are? Kudos if you can.
Matt would know, obviously. And Abby probably could guess, but it might take her a few times.
It's pretty obvious once you know, but one of those things you wouldn't really think of otherwise.
Not important.

I went to a baby shower for a friend tonight.
I saw another old friend who is also pregnant with her second.
Yes, I wish desperately I was in their ranks.
Baby showers are fun.
Some people don't like the presents and the silly games.
I rather enjoy them, personally.

I bought Water for Elephants.
Yeah, I can barely believe it myself.
I don't know if I'll ever see the movie.
That's a lie, I probably will when it comes to Redbox.
Because I really, really love Reese.
Just because I don't like one franchise Pattinson is in doesn't mean he has to be a horrible actor all the time.
I mean, he was in Harry Potter. So I give him credit for that.
Maybe he should stick with British roles.

I'm getting rid of clothes. And shoes.
It's nice to spring clean.
It's all horrible stuff though.
Nothing worthwhile.

Ok, time to write the stinking Abstract.
It's 120 words or less to describe the rest of my paper.
I'm just being lazy.
Then I can wash my face, read some East of Eden, do my devos, and go to bed.


Friday Friday...

Oh dear.

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