Saturday, April 30, 2011

Book decisions...

Slowly making progress on the paper.
It's actually coming together quite well.
I am mostly blind, if you didn't know.
Yes, I can see things and colors... but it's all blurred.
Including the computer screen.
Yes, I need new glasses. My current ones do nothing to help.
So it takes me longer to do things because I have to stop and rest my eyes.
Next time I get an updated prescription I'm going to try contacts again. We'll see.

Anyways, so I made a pile of my beach weekend clothes. I am SO excited.
Not only will I be at the beach for the entire weekend (I haven't been to the beach since before we were married)...
... but I will also be with some of the BEST company ever.
I have been truly blessed by the group of married girlfriends I have made in Lynchburg.
The question is: Which book do I take for the beach?
I want a long one that I won't speed through since we'll probably spend ALL DAY Friday and Saturday on the beach.
I could take a few small ones, but that would take up more space in my bag.
I'm considering Sherlock Holmes Vol. 2 since it's so long. Or Catch-22.
I'll probably end up taking two Bean books. Since I won't have homework to distract me I could do some serious pleasure reading.
Not that the other two aren't. But Ender and Bean books are real treats.

I had the urge to watch Twilight tonight. I know!
I have no idea why and I probably wouldn't have liked it.
I've only seen it once. Mediocre, sorry folks.
I definitely do no own it and wasn't going to spend money to rent it.
Maybe someday when we have Netflix (which we'll probably set up this week on the XBOX) I'll watch it.
So random. I don't know where that came from.

We went to Applebee's the watch the fight.
But they don't show it anymore.
Sad. For Matt.

Back to my paper. A few more pages for the night.

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