Thursday, April 07, 2011


A guy at work today said that our chats were coming in "flurries" today. Another guy told him "Thanks for the weather report". Yes, one of the reasons I enjoy being in live chat team at work is because of the lovely comic asides that go on behind the scenes. We have a "chat chat" where everybody who is on chat that day all get into a community chat so we can know what the others are doing... talk about how superb the 90's are... bash each others' musical tastes... and of course, make fun of some silly questions/spellings/stupidity of students. Yes, it's true. I have excellent co-workers. They really redeem the job itself. The job isn't horrible, but it is emotionally draining. Enter quick wit and one-liners.

Anyways, today has been a sunny side down day. Wasn't horrible at all. Just a series of events that made me end the day sad. 1. We're not having a baby and today was an especially unpleasant day. I have never been plagued with cramping much, but today was uncomfortable. 2. My sister in law had her first ultrasound! The baby is beautiful and precious! She is about 10 weeks along, from my count. I could be wrong. While that is wonderful and I loved looking over the pics (I did several times already), it just reminds me how empty my uterus is. Yes, I said it. Yes, I'm really going to try not to write about pregnancy trials any longer after today. I said that too... and now to make good on it. It's depressing an selfish and kinda silly, when you think about it. 3. I was invited to go out with some friends tonight, got home, checked Blackboard, and noticed my paper is due tomorrow not on Sunday. Stink. I haven't started. So I stayed home. 4. I got in a mini-argument with my husband about our vacation plans. Looks like the end of May it is for our California adventure. We'll also be hitting Vegas and Sea World. Yes, it will be expensive. Yes, I plan on buying something fabulous. Well, maybe not. There's nothing I need or really want. 5. I have yet to watch Good Will Hunting. We were shopping and I wanted Good Will Hunting. It was nowhere to be found. Last stop of the day, TJ Maxx. We were checking out. One copy of Good Will Hunting was at the checkout! Win! That was earlier in the week. I have not yet watched it. That makes me sad.

So today turned out to make me feel sad. Sad and empty. Yes, things could be a lot worse. A whole lot worse. But today is just one day. I have had 8638 days in my life. Some of those have been bad. But some of those have been exceptionally good. You take the good with the bad.

Because all in all, life is a gift. So today was just one of those sad days. Tomorrow I get to meet with a high school friend's family, while on the clock, and help them with Liberty stuff. That is a treat. I also am done with work at 6 tomorrow. Then I have the weekend off. That is also a treat. So tomorrow is already looking like a good day.

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