Monday, April 04, 2011

I just started using this primer on my face before applying my makeup. Not sure how much of a difference it makes. Initially, it it wonderful. Smoothing my imperfections. But, I have an extremely oily face. Curse of the Asian. While I sit at my desk all day my face becomes a shiny, makeup-y, nasty mess. Lovely, I know. I blot it often but it still is less than attractive. That is also why my stinkin complexion hasn't cleared. Hoping that use of this primer, some added items to my skin care regime, and less makeup in general will help. As far a a primer, this is a good one.

I also read a spread on this lovely woman.

She truly is lovely. No, she is not all bristles like her pout would have you think. There was a picture of her actually *gasp* smiling! She is beautiful. The picture above was included in the spread (Allure). Her adorable little family. She is expecting number four. I hope they have a girl!

Now that she is older (mid-thirties... I know, it seems like she's been around for a lot longer than that!) she is beginning to express the "true" Victoria Beckham. No more image-driven celebrity. I think the general public will embrace her and love her all the more for being real. She is lovely. I never had her on my fave celeb list (Reese Witherspoon, Natalie Portman, Keira Knightley), but I think she definitely is making a go. I know, "fave celeb list" sounds very... middle school. By how else do I describe it? Great fashion and personalities. Versatile. Lovely.

I also got suckered into watching a couple episodes of this.

I'm surprised it took me this long actually. This beauty alone...

I always liked ER and followed it weekly growing up. Never quite understood that it portrayed my dad's career, however. How did I miss that? I've been watching hulu at work on my lunch breaks. I don't want to pay so I just go through the free episodes of various shows. Grey's Anatomy was next on the list. Up until this point I had never watched an episode.

Well, I enjoyed it. Someday when we stop begin lazy and get Netflix I'll probably go through and watch the past seasons. I enjoy the characters. Maybe I like it now since they're all married so it's not quite so filthy. I dunno, the whole McDreamy and McSteamy thing really turned me off when it first aired. Thought it was ridiculous. Ok, it still is a little ridiculous.

The action stressed me out! My dad works in the ICU now. He was the Chief of Surgery for several years. When I was little I thought that was normal. I thought everyone's dads worked at the hospital. It was annoying to me because wherever we went (grocery store, church, field trips, school) people would stop to talk to my dad. He would explain later that so-and-so was a patient who he removed this-or-that from on the operating table. Literally, happened everywhere we went. Only in college did I realize how awesome being Chief of Surgery is. My dad is very talented and very humble. I am very proud of him.

Anyways, after watching an episode I asked him how he could live with that strain day in and day out! In the ICU, all he sees is high risk patients. I'm sure they pass extremely often and not in the most pleasant of ways. Somehow he is able to be a caring, thoughtful person. He is emotional. He is loving. Yet, he doesn't bring his work home with him. He can tell me a sad story of one of his patients and while he does think it is sad, he is not breaking down like I would be if I had to work with that patient. It takes a special kind of person to be a doctor or nurse. My dad is a very, very special kind of person.

So, it is 10:30 pm. I should be in bed. But I am awake. So I'm going to do a Cardio Dance video. Yup. At least part of it. I'll do that until Matt comes home. Gotta get some exercise in. While I was mopey (not just the past couple days, but the past month) I gained back 2 pounds that I had lost. Not acceptable. So now I reconfigured my eating habits (I ate a lot of Pringles chips... not healthy) and am going to make more of an effort to exercise. That has become a once a week occurance. Sometimes I even skip my weekly visit! I want to visit the actual gym more and do my exercise videos when I stay home. I have five pounds to lose (that includes the 2 I gained back) to get to the pre-baby weight I want to be at before pregnancy. Kinda silly, I know.

P.S. I am really, really trying to be content. With work, with a baby. Whether I carry a child or not, whether I stay at my job until the end of the year or if something in our plans change and it ends up being longer than that... life is wonderful. I really have no place to complain. Matthew and I have been so incredibly blessed. He has been so caring and understanding through my struggles. At the very least, I need not be whiny and mopey for him. He is a wonderful husband and if we do not have children, then I am blessed with him by my side. But, hopefully if we cannot conceive we will be blessed through adoption. Unless God slams shut that door we're planning to adopt either way at some point in our lives.

Ok, more on all that when the time comes. For now, goodnight.

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