Friday, April 08, 2011

Good Will

Matt and I have been discussing baby names. Honestly, we have since before we were married. We picked out one in 2004. The others have filtered in. We are open to new ideas though. Which is why the conversation is never ending. We like certain names because of characters we know with those same names. For instance, Jackson is one of our top boy names. We both love it. Jack from 24. Jack from Newsies. Jack from Lost. Jack Sparrow. To name a few.

Sometimes I kid myself into thinking that I like the name Will. As in Good Will Hunting.

If you haven't seen this movie. Go watch it now. It is great. These boys wrote it.

Oh, and look what they won! They are great. Such humble beginnings. I think they both have done well. I mean, Damon and all of his Bourne/Oceans/ etc. He is just great. He's super adorable too. Yes, adorable. I do not place him in the "hot" category. Affleck, making his way in the Director's biz. An article I read said that Pearl Harbor was one of his flops. It was listed alongside Daredevil and Gigli in that flop category. Umm... what? I do not qualify Pearl Harbor as a flop. Nope.

Here the lovely lads are in modern day.

Still handsome. I will be watching Good Will Hunting tonight. I wanted it. Three stores later, no movie. I figured it wasn't that popular, but well known. Checking out of TJ Maxx and what is in the aisle? One copy of Good Will Hunting! In Widescreen even! It was a good day.

I need to write the conclusion to my paper to turn in tonight and done with homework. Time for a relaxing evening with the boys. Matt is working. He's not interested in this movie. At all. I think that's a shame.

Today is a much better day. Just like I anticipated. With seven days a week you're bound to have a handful of good and bad. That's just how life goes. I would rather have really bad days paired with really good days... then just ok days all the time. I always did wear my heart on my sleeves. Emotional is I.

I had a grande coffee this morning. It is almost 3 pm. That means when I get off my lunch break I will have 3 hours left of the work day. I feel very tired. Why? I slept well. Got a lot of coffee. It's been a good workday. Oh so tired. Stink. I don't let myself drink more coffee. I'm trying not to drink coffee so much, preparation, ya know.

Happy Friday.

Fun Fun Fun. Fun. Looking forward to the weekend.

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