Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Work work work

My grad class is going to be much more time consuming than I thought. That is not good news. However, it gets me that much closer to begin finished. I hard originally planned to finish my grad degree in one year immediately after graduating undergrad. I instead worked a preschool, which I loved. Now I can only take one class at a time (or 18 credits per academic school year). So it's slowing me down. Blessing in disguise? Maybe. I haven't decided yet. I guess it keeps me busy.

I have been watching Glee. I'm secretly worried that I'm pirating the episodes even though it's a public website. Sigh. I was able to watch all of season 2 except for 2 episodes. I haven't watched any shows that have come out in the last 5 years... so I guess this makes up for it. I'm still a little ashamed that I like Glee... and that a lot of the covers I like better than the originals.

I've been very sad about two very specific personal things recently. The kind of thing where it makes my days seem incredibly long, drawn out, wearing. Trying to keep a positive attitude and count my blessings. Sometimes it just feels good to be sad though. Understand?

My good friend Lauren is back in town after her vacation. She has been a blessing to me. We met this past year at work and I am so thankful for her friendship. She doesn't even read this blog, so you know I'm being genuine.

Yes, tonight I feel sad. And I need to read one of my textbooks. Sometimes homework just isn't fun. Ok, most of the time homework isn't fun. But I generally enjoy it. Not tonight.

Big Sigh.

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