Saturday, March 26, 2011


For our weekend enjoyment we decided to use a gift card for Olive Garden. Unfortunately, all of Lynchburg decided Olive Garden sounded like a nice idea as well. Over an hour wait. Not worth it. So... we headed to Panera. I'm not complaining.

We then proceeded to view...
Matt like graphic novels. Plus there's lots of hot chicks. I like Vanessa Hudgens. So it was a perfect match. Thankfully, we both enjoyed it. It caters to a certain audience, so I don't anticipate many of my friends watching it. If you do, you most likely won't like it. Weirdly, I like other graphic novel films, like Sin City, as well. No, I have no desire to ever see 300. Yes, the movies are a bit trashy. But as I have no worries about Matthew's fantasies I don't mind.

Plus, we went to Victoria's Secret beforehand. I enjoy Victoria's Secret.
I've never been a real fan of lace panties. But I think I may be a convert. They were having a sale. Seven for $25. I accidentally grabbed eight. I almost made it fourteen, but called it good at eight. Being girly is so refreshing.

Josh and Jamie are expecting!
I'm predicting boy. Of course, she's between eight-ten weeks along (most likely). So not much to go off yet. Just a gut feeling. Baby V will make his or her debut in our family in late fall/early winter. Very excited for another newborn and hopefully we can visit soon after he or she is born.

We sent them a copy of "Bedtime for Frances" when they first told us. It was a favorite children's book for both Matt and I so I thought it would be good before we learn the gender. I almost bought copies of all the Frances books for myself! It's been hard not to begin hoarding baby things! Especially books and cloth diapers! But we haven't had a positive test yet so who knows how much longer it will be. Better to wait and then let the excitement build.

Tomorrow is Sunday. It seems like I live for my days off from work right now. Tuesday I have off as well. Whoop. But that also means I work on Saturday. I keep telling myself only eight more months (most likely). That isn't that much longer. Around that time I would most likely give my notice, begin packing up our things to move to Matt's next assignment, and hopefully be preparing for our own little addition. Hopefully. Eight months isn't that long in the grand scheme of things. The work weeks seem to go by quickly also. It'll be here before I know it.

Last. Matt's latest run time is 21:27. Amazing! His recruiter wanted him to have it in 21:00. A perfect score is 18:00. When he first began running he couldn't even finish one mile at all. When he first ran 3 miles it was over 30:00. Now look at him. He makes me so proud in his hard work and determination.

We continue to be excited for this new lifestyle we will be entering. There have only been extremely mild hesitations at this point. I count that as a sign. We have a few more months to prepare and then it will become reality. When God is leading you, then all the pieces just fall into place. That's how it's been for our entry into the Marines so far.

It's a good feeling.

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