Sunday, March 27, 2011

Martians and Practicum

Tonight Matthew and I redboxed a date. We chose "The Box". Saw a trailer a long time ago and thought it held potential. But then again, it's Cameron Diaz.
Basically, don't bother. Not at all what was expected. At all. We were kinda confused about what was going on. I thought, "So they're all Martians?" towards the beginning. Matt didn't think that was the case. Welp, they were Martians. Sorta. Let down. Kinda like when you went to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

I'm over alien movies. They're just not entertaining. At all. I loved Independence Day when I was like 10, but besides that alien movies are so boring. I never even liked Marvin the Martian from Bugs Bunny!

Tomorrow, I am doing my practicum for my Counseling class. I am required to sit in an elementary school classroom for 2-3 hours and observe a student. Yeah, sounds like a lot of fun. Not. It's a counseling class. The school I've been working with is treating this like a teaching practicum. Very different. Oh well.

I'm supposed to arrive in "professional dress". Not a problem, since my workplace also requires this. But the rules are apparently much more strict at the elementary school level as opposed to the collegiate level. Thankfully, I'll still park in the same spot and still be able to go to work afterwards. Sigh. It will be a long day. I will begin my practicum at 9:00 am. When that is finished around 11:30 I will head to work, which will begin at 12:00 pm- 9:00 pm. Stink. Long day full of things I don't enjoy. I was originally going to do this observation on Tuesday with my friend, Christie. She needs to go home tomorrow for a family emergency.

So I suppose I should dress in one of these numbers. Teacher-appropriate. Somedays I think I should have been a teacher instead. Only not really. Especially now that we're going into the military, I wouldn't have been able to hold a job well when I'm a flight risk. Who knows when we'd be moving all over the world?
Tuesday I have off from work so that should make up for the long day tomorrow. I'll go to the gym with Matthew in the morning. When we go to the gym it generally takes at least 2 hours. We do the gym right! Then I'll take a leisurely shower and spend time getting ready for the rest of the day. Maybe I'll run some errands when Matt goes to work. Then I'll try to get ahead on my homework for the next couple of weeks. This class isn't turning out too be too horribly strenuous. If I don't get lazy.

Happy Weekend End!

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