Sunday, March 20, 2011

Book... Movie... Mini-Series

So I had a week that was technically "Spring Break". Unfortunately, the entire college does not shut down just because the students are gone. Plus side? Decent parking. Normally I have a quarter mile walk to my office from my parking spot. No lie. And you wonder why I don't wear heels to work?

So I was at work... but I did have a week break between classes. Freedom! Pleasure reading is something I will gain back once this Master's is conferred. I can hardly wait! I spend far too much time pleasure reading when I should be studying for my classes. But I still have a 4.0 thusfar so I'm not sweating it too badly.

I mentioned I was reading this...
Finished it. So many people today are hung up on the whole "It's not a religion, it's a relationship" fad going around Christian circles. I have no problem with the label of religion. Yes, we do have a personal relationships with our Lord. But what sets us apart from other relationships is the empty tomb. Our Lord and Savior arose from the dead. He was not just a prophet, but He is God incarnate. That is for another post someday. But anyways, I do not view myself as "spiritual". That is a term used by many who dislike the confines of organized religion.

This book is a lot about the spiritual life. Finding one's purpose in life and pursuing it fully. Or... not pursuing it at all. Free will. While I may not agree with the logic/doctrine behind many notions in the book, it is still a worthwhile read and enjoyable. It is always so interesting to read of other viewpoints and other religions. Always be aware of your beliefs and that of others. How else will you know the difference?

Matthew and I went and saw this...
...last night. It exceeded both of our expectations. Well done performances. Interesting new interpretation. Had us changing out minds about who was the wolf up until the very end. Matt was pretty sure he knew from close to the beginning. He was right. Throughout the movie I guessed one specific character for very specific reasons. They did a good job alluding to several characters as the wolf so it wasn't strikingly obvious that is was one over the other. There were about four people that could reasonably have been the wolf, I think. If it's alluded to in the trailers then it will not be that character. That much is standard.

I feel like I'm talking in circles. I don't want to out the wolf for those who have yet to see the film. We may or may not ever watch it again. No need to purchase it. Could be a one-watch film. But it was enjoyable and we don't feel like we wasted out money.

One of the trailers before the film was for this...
Jon (Matt's best man) had mentioned it to Matt... so we bought it on Blu-ray. If you don't like zombies, then it's not for you. I don't particularly like zombies, but I can handle them. I think the story lines can possibly be interesting. So we've been watching it one episode at a time. So far, very interesting. Quite possibly the best zombie creation I have yet seen. Doesn't mean that zombie fans will enjoy it... but for someone like me who thinks zombies are disturbing... it's great. Not a whole lot of disgusting... comparatively. Still enough action for a good zombie encounter. Drama. The acting is surprisingly good as well. We are both enjoying it. Definitely a worthwhile purchase.

Least favorite zombie movies of mine? 28 Weeks Later. Dawn of the Dead.

It also bothers me how there are no set rules for zombies. Each film is different. Some zombies can run, some can't. Some feed on only humans, some can infect animals. Why do zombies have blood when you kill them? Since they are dead shouldn't there be no blood in circulation anymore? Why is "a cure" mentioned in some? If they're dead... you can't cure dead. Well, maybe if Mr. Sparrow finds the legended Fountain of Youth...

Not going there tonight. Watching an episode of Glee. Putting the laundry away. Watching an episode of zombies with the husband. That is on the schedule for this evening. What I love about the weekends is I work 12-9 on Mondays. I can stay up late with Matt and still get enough sleep for the next day.

Happy Weekend.

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