Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pop Culture

Ok. Remember a few posts ago when I said I didn't like Glee? While I think the lip syncing is a little bit much... and a certain character I absolutely cannot stand at all (more so the actress, but I don't like bashing celebrities because they are people too)... I think I like it! I'm only watching it on hulu so I can't watch much of it, but it is interesting. I keep finding things out about the characters that is... interesting. Yet, it's also an extremely trashy show. I was surprised. I know I know, I didn't go to public school... but is it really as trashy as all that?

I do really like Dianna Agron.

Tonight I plan on having some tea and having a nice read. I still have a few days before begin sucked back into grad school. Tea time. Love the above picture. I have an old friend who loves all things Wonderland. I'm not a fan as it is very depressing. But I do like the picture.

Anyways, I downloaded my syllabus and all my assignment instructions for my class. Counseling Families and Children. Should be interesting, but a lot of work. The most work I've had in a grad class so far. Sigh.

Tonight I will continue reading this...

So far, love it. I hate jumping on bandwagons with books. I don't like going off Bestseller lists either. But I think that's because I had a bad experience with The Lovely Bones. This story... intriguing. It's proving to be a quick read. Which is good.

I told my mom I was reading it and she hadn't heard of it. I said there are Alchemists in Harry Potter. Which brings me to...

I thought it came out in April. I was wrong. July. Stink. That's a long ways away. But I am very excited. I enjoy Harry Potter. I grew up reading the books and the movies have proven to be true enough to the stories. Originally the movie portrayal was not how I imagined it, but it has since become so. I mean, the movies are well made. So of course, I began to imagine the Wizarding world as such.

I admit, I'm planning to cry in this movie. Probably a couple times. It's emotional. It's beautiful and J.K. Rowling is a literary genius. Truly. I won't go into a Twilight bash, but it really bothers me when people compare Twilight to Harry Potter. It's not alike at all. It's not the same caliber. It's not a romance. It's action. It's drama. There's great character development. Everything makes sense. I cannot say the same of Twilight. They are just not on the same level, either books or movies.

Speaking of which, Water for Elephants. All these Twilight fans cannot wait for it. I hope they know that their precious Edward is a man-whore in that book. Possibly not the movie, but I don't see how it can be based on the book if he isn't. They may be in for a nasty surprise. Or maybe they're into that kinda thing. I like Reese and the story is interesting. Maybe I'll see it.

Happy St. Patrick's Day. Yes, I am wearing green.
I don't drink beer so no green beverages for me.
We did have green rice krispies at work.
I know, party.

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