Friday, March 04, 2011

Weekend Woe

This weekend should be enjoyable. Matthew and I both have the entire weekend off... which never happens. Good thing too, we need some serious catch up time. Life has been up and down and more down... so we need some nice relaxation together. I think some shopping and sweet frog is needed.

I've been learning about patience and contentment lately. Not very well, might I add. God sure knows how to grab our attention when he wants it. Matthew has been learning about stewardship. No, neither of these subjects is in our devos. Yes, it is written all across our life circumstances.

Yet we are supremely thankful that God has been teaching us these lessons. We are also thankful we are not in a place to hear Him and listen to Him. We both were pretty prideful earlier in our lives. We're still working on that but hopefully getting better as the years go on.

I have been postponing writing my paper that is due Sunday. I want to have it done tonight so I can thoroughly enjoy all weekend with absolutely no homework. It is definitely possible... we'll see how distracted I get. The paper is on integrating psychology and theology... and spirituality. I never really thought about how different spirituality is from theology. Lesson learned.

I set my camera out on my computer desk with hopes it would inspire me. I want to go to the zoo... or another city... or another country. That is true inspiration. We might go to Roanoke... maybe we'll go to the small zoo there. We want to go to the Natural Bridge with friends sometime. But we all four have varying schedules so it's difficult to find a time we can all go. I also want to go visit my sister when her family is "close" by for spring break. We'll see if that happens. They will be 5.5 hours away. Not exactly a quick trip.

I am supremely (I apparently like that word as I've over used it in this post) blessed by my husband. He is such a caring individual and knows what I need, when I need it even when I don't know that myself. He is loving and wonderful and I could not envision a more perfect husband. It's really crazy to me to think that we ended up together. Growing up no one ever would've thought we'd be together. Yet here we are. In love. More so than when we were married. Sounds cliche, and it is. But it is also true. We have that kind of relationship and I could not be more happy to have him as my other half. God is good. He knows what I need even more than what I ever thought or dreamed.

Back to the paper. Enough procrastination. I don't normally have issues with this, but I'm just not feeling this paper or responsibility in general tonight. I started it last night... and didn't even finish the second paragraph!

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