Tuesday, March 01, 2011

duh-na duh-na duh-na duh-na...

I was feeling extremely frustrated last night about two things in particular. It is now March. The third month of twenty eleven. I expected two things to have come about in my life by this time. Neither of which appears to be happening. Sigh. We can't always get what we want.

I skyped with my sister and her three adorable children the other day. Brookie saw my picture pop up on my screen (for some reason my video wasn't working, but theirs was) and she pointed and said "Aunt Becca!" Adorable. Heart melting.

I called my other sister today and we talked for awhile. Sometimes you don't know what to say. But being sisters is a blessing. I think, at least. I hope my sisters and I are friends now. Both of them are several years older than me, but we're leveling that field now, I think. No closer in age, but closer in experience. Slightly. I need a few kids to catch up a little.

I then called my dad and we talked about over an hour. I like talking to my dad. He is a pretty great guy if you don't know him. Seriously, possibly the best man I know. Probably the best man I know, actually.

I'm supposed to be finishing my book for my book review. But I want to watch a movie instead. Should I be responsible? I can always watch a movie and stay up late to read the book?I do need to eat some dinner too.

I've never been much of a fan of Anne Hathaway. Nothing against her at all, but she's not one of my favorites. But she does look pretty cute.

And this is now one of my favorites movies. I watched it when it first came out. Recently bought it. Love it.

But is she the best choice for this?
I admit, I'm a little hesitant about this film. First, which stories are true and which are completely made up? Christian Bale is in. Christopher Nolan is in. Both of which I thought were finished with the franchise. That would've been an idiotic decision, if you ask my opinion. I liked the old Batman films, cheesy as they were. But these... amazing. Some of the new characters that may or may not be included... intriguing. Catwoman... we'll see. Never been a Catwoman fan. At least they don't have Batgirl... I hope. Some of the rumored cast... high high potential. I hope they don't try to hard.

I already posted about X-men. Harry Potter, duh. Can NOT wait. Apparently there's a new Bond movie? And The Great Gatsby? I think I mentioned on here how I'm excited for Scream as well. All of which I didn't know were being made. I used to know everything about upcoming films. Sigh. I need TV, that's it. Although, I do enjoy life without the added complication.

Sidenote: My siblings-in-law both posted statuses in the past couple days about sports or pop reality TV shows. Both sounded like gibberish to me because I have no idea about either. Maybe another reason we need TV?

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