Friday, February 25, 2011

X-Men: First Class - Official Trailer

I was finishing my homework. Like a good girl. Four lectures- Done. Meticulous Notes- Done. Email sent- Done. All I have to do tomorrow is drive to Liberty to take my test. Why? Because every time I try to take it at home my internet times out before I can submit the answers. Yup, it stinks. So I just go to Liberty instead. I'm meeting friends for coffee tomorrow afternoon so I'll just do it beforehand.

Anyways, I was going my homework. I took a break. I looked through new trailers. For this. Totally didn't know a new X-men movie was coming out! For those who don't know, I largely enjoy X-men. I may have a crush on Archangel. It's Matt's fault. When we first saw X2 his reaction was "Cool! Archangel!" That is why I kinda want Angel wings tattooed on my back. No, that will never happen. I will remain ink free because in honest, I just don't like tattoos all that much.

Anyways, I like X-Men. Batman is my favorite (not because of the new movies or because of Christian Bale... but he sure helps!) But X-Men is my second favorite super hero-ish franchise. I don't like Superman and Spiderman is even worse. I never saw Wolverine... but need to. X3 was my favorite thusfar, and I don't own it. Shame. I've looked but I've only found it in a bundle package with the other two I already have.

Anyways (bunny trails...)... I saw this!

Not only X-Men... but X-men starring James McAvoy! Amazing.

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